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Home Page Intro Music Written By Greg Giuffria - Angel, Helluva Band, "Feelings"
Original Wakefield Album Artwork By:  Kirby Schultz & Kevin Van Westen (Lawrence & Schiller)
Original Wakefield Album Photography By:  Kirby Shultz
Original Wakefield Album Produced By:  Tom Tatman & Wakefield
Original Wakefield Album Engineered By:  Tom Tatman
Original Wakefield Album Recorded At:  Catamount Studios, Cedar Falls, IA
Original Wakefield Management By:  Chris Buren - Full Tilt Management. Sioux Falls, SD
Graphics On Home Page Photograph:  I credit myself and E'Nuff Z'Nuff.  One night I was visiting old 80's videos on You Tube.  I was watching "New Thing" by E'Nuff Z'Nuff.  I liked the big round sunglasses they were wearing during the video.  They had the glasses down on their nose and looked over the top at the camera.  They had various graphics superimposed on top of the sunglasses.  I thought this would be a good promo shot idea for me.  I promptly started a search for big round sunglasses (a feat that isn't as easy as it sounds).  I eventually located the blue mirrored pair you see for $10 at Spencer Gifts. 

I was playing piano with my laptop turned off in front of me.  I picked up my new sunglasses, slid them down on my nose, and peered over the top of them at my black mirrored screen of my laptop to check them out.  As I tilted my head down, the keys of my piano reflected directly across the front of the mirrors!  I screamed at my wife "Wendy...come here quick...I've just found my promo shot!!"

After partying the night before (St. Patrick's Day at Skelly's with "The Blarneystones"), I got up early for the photography session.  I placed my piano in front of me, and in a few minutes had several pictures to choose from.  We quickly found one we liked.  However, I looked sickly in color (too many drinks the night before I guess) and suggested we make it black and white.  Mark quickly made the adjustment.  It was Wendy that said, "Can you leave the glasses blue?", and the wizard that Mark is, had it done in a flash.  And that is the story of the picture you see today!