It really started years ago when Trace Mahoney, Tommy Zoss, Jay Gilbertson, Mike Hillson, and Tom Gullikson, started a music club that resulted in a weekly jam session at a local club in Yankton SD. The guys occasionally performed as The Dispensers. Members drifted off and when Evan Jones moved to Yankton, Trace, Jay, Tommy, and Evan spent a summer jamming together for fun on Tuesday nights at The Upper Deck in Yankton, which was only a few blocks from Jay and Evan’s house (who are still neighbors). Once they began to jam, they found out they had a lot of music in common and began performing as The Dispensers With Evan Jones in and around Yankton. Because Tommy couldn’t make a gig one night, Trace who had recently relocated to Sioux Falls, brought along his Rude Band bandmate Tyson Conn to play drums. Now half of the band was no longer The Dispensers, so they had to come up with a new name. Right before a gig one night, Evan came up with JETT as the initials of the members, duct taped the band name on the back of his solo backdrop, and the rest is history.