My Keyboards
Minimoog Synthesizer
When I first heard the Moog synthesizer, I was amazed at the sound...it rivaled the expression and dynamics of the lead guitar.  For the first time, a keyboard player could be a focal point rather than providing background textures and chords.  Influenced by Keyboardists like Keith Emerson and Rick Wakeman, I knew I had to have one.  I was the first, and perhaps the only keyboard player in South Dakota to have one.  It was, and still is, one of the defining sounds of the Wakefield musical arsenal.
Sequential Circuits - Prophet 5
The Prophet 5 is basically a minimoog times 5.  Where the minimoog is monophonic (plays only one note at a time), the Prophet was revolutionary in the sense that it allowed you to play up to 5 notes at a time.  This allowed the abililty to play similar sounds as the Moog, but in chord form.  It additionally included digital monitoring of each control knob, so that sounds could be developed away from the stage, and recorded in a "patch" for instant recall.  While the Moog had to be setup for the individual sounds while you performed, the patches of the Prophet could be recalled instantly.
Suzuki KM 88
I needed an inexpensive live mother midi keyboard to run my rack mounted Roland JV-880 orchestra module.  The keyboard becomes only a controller while the sounds are generated in the Roland, which to this day has the best and most complete orchestral sounds I've ever heard.  The Roland strings are magnificent and varied.  When performing away from Wakefield on solo gigs, you will here the strings played along with my Technics piano to provide an incredibly full sound for my solo peformances.
Yamaha P 70 Digital Piano
I needed an inexpensive live piano that did nothing but sound like a piano.  The Yamaha P 70 fit the bill perfectly.  Used exclusively in Wakefield live performances (doesn't have the uncompromising sound and control of my Technics piano used in my solo gigs), it serves the purpose of allowing me to have a piano available instantly and in conjunction with my other keyboards for live band performances.
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