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Hohner D6 Clavinet
The sound made famous by Stevie Wonder in the track Superstition, the D6 is an actual string instrument with pickups.  I fell in love with it when I heard Rick Wakeman's "Journey to the Center Of The Earth" album.  Another keyboard I had to have.  Don't use it live at all anymore.  I just keep it around because I love it.  Pick up Wakeman's album and give it a listen...you'll see what I mean.
                           Akai MPK 88
I needed a complete digital mother keyboard for live peformances and recording.  The Akai MPK88 was the perfect keyboard.  I use it in conjunction with a laptop using Propellerhead's Reason as a sound generator (see below).  I use this combo live, and Blake is becoming a master using it to record.  You will hear some of the original recordings soon on this website as recorded using this keyboard and the Propellerhead Record software.
                           Reason/Record Duo
This software package allows for thousands of preset sound generation created digitally on a computer and fed through the Akai MPK88 to create infinite instrumentation for live or recorded performances.  It also allows the MPK88 to be used as a recording controller to create unbelievably dynamic studio recordings via computer.  It is the basis for Blake's studio recordings and soon to be mine.
                          Technics SX-PX106M
This piano is my baby.  I've had it for about 15 years.  It has a very unique sound and uncompromising control.  It runs in true stereo and has a Celeste stereo function that gives it a fullness I have not heard in other digital pianos.  Used in conjunction with the Roland JV 880 midi orchestral controller, it has a sound that must be heard to be believed.  Check  out one of my solo shows and you will be a believer as well.
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