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Guilty Pleasures 2015
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Guilty Pleasures Keyboard Rig (And They Rotate 360 Degrees!)

Keyboards (Bottom/Up)

Keyboard 1 = Roland A88 Drives Roland Integra 7 Sound Module
Keyboard 2 = Alesis Q88 Drives Computer Based Propellerhead Reason 8.3
Keyboard 3 = Alesis Q88 Drives Roland JV-880 With Orchestra Expansion Module
Keyboard 4 = Alesis Q88 Drives IPad Based Instruments (Minimoog, Oberheim, etc.)

Rack (Outside)

HP Computer Running Reason 8.3 (Center)
IPad Running Integra 7 and Behringer Q-32 Monitor Mixer (Left)
IPad Running Software Based Instruments (Right)

Rack (Inside Top/Down)

Roland JV 880
Roland Integra 7
Alesis 12R - 12 Channel Stereo Mixer
ART 6 Channel Headphone Amp (In Ear Monitoring System)
Lexicon Reverb / Delay
Behringer 4 Channel Electronic Direct Box
Behringer 4 Channel Electronic Direct Box