My Sound Reinforcement
I've had other musicians come up to me and ask me what I am using for sound reinforcement.  I use the same equipment live with Wakefield that I use on my solo gigs.  It consists of four separate racks.  Starting from the top down, in the first rack, the blue module is the Delta Lab delay.  Below that is the Lexicon reverb/delay.  Below that is the Roland JV 880 midi module.  In the second rack is my original 7 channel stereo Peavey mixer (still works after tens of thousands of miles and 30 years!).  In the 3rd rack starting from the top down is a stereo 15 band dbx EQ that I use as inserts for my first 2 vocal channels.  Below that is a Behringer 4 channel compressor that is used as inserts on my first 4 mixer channels (vocals and left and right stereo piano channels).  Below that is a BGW amp that is used as a backup mains amp and a headphone amp for Blake when he plays drums behind the speakers.  It allows him to hear the overall main mix while banging away.  In the fourth rack is a stereo Behringer 1/3 octave EQ for the mains, and a Crown amp for the mains.  The speakers are Yamaha club series S115V's.  I have always been a JBL guy, but the pro audio sales person convinced me that the Yamaha speaker had a very true and smooth reproduction of vocals for solo artists.  I have been very happy with the speakers for my solo mains, which double as my keyboard monitors for large Wakefield shows.  I recently added a couple 1200 watt Behringer 18" subwoofers to add a little richness to the low end and a little thump to the kick drum when I have Blake or one of the other drummers sit in with me.  The above system performs extremely well regardless of the size of venue...small coffee shops, large clubs, or outdoors.  With this system I cover all the bases.
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